Electrical Objective Question -1

……………. are the conductors, which connect the consumer’s
A. Terminals to the distribution
B. Distributors
C. Service mains
D. Feeders

Answer: (C) Service mains

  • A feeder is a conductor which connects the sub-station (or localized generating station) to the area where power is to be distributed. 
  • Generally, no tapings are taken from the feeder so that the current in it remains the same throughout. 
  • The main consideration in the design of a feeder is the current carrying capacity.

  • A distributor is a conductor from which tapings are taken for supply to the consumers.
  • The current through a distributor is not constant because tapings are taken at various places along its length. 
  • While designing a distributor, voltage drop along its length is the main consideration since the statutory limit of voltage variations is ± 6% of the rated value at the consumers’ terminals.

Service mains: 
  • A service main is generally a small cable that connects the distributor to the consumers’ terminals.
  • Service mains of the consumers may be either connected to the distributors or sub-distributors

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